Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rosa Records finds the needles in the haystacks

I recently learned about a label out of the Netherlands called Rosa Records that put out the new Wheels on Fire (Athens, Ohio) CD. They also helped out Columbus' Two Cow Garage. So that made me think: How the hell does a label all the out in the Netherlands hear about two independent Ohio bands??!!
So I asked them (never mind his slight broken English):

Two Cow Garage were already one on tour and they released 2 albums over here..Wheels On Fire is on the Rosa label … both bands are fuckin' great … If you are a long time in business you know a lot of people … Two Cow Garage brought to us by Brent Best and Wheels of Fire by Teddy Morgan … Two good friends of us and also great artists.Keep in touch your interesting...

Robbie K Rosa

I thought it was cool that he pointed out that the picture I use for the People with Animal Heads Myspace site, is also made by the same artist who did the picture for the new Steve Earl album. I just like the Chicago-area artist who created the image. I guess Steve Earle did too.

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