Thursday, July 12, 2007

Robbers on High remind me of something...

Normally I would not write about Robbers on High Street, for the mere fact that they are from New York and not the Midwest. But I recently attended their show at Columbus' The Basement w/ The Red Walls (Chicago) and Paper Airplane (Cincinnati).
I really like the band a lot, but was surprised at how different their sound was from what I expected it to be. Hearing their music on Sirius Satellite Radio over the years I pegged them as a more interesting version of The Sun - more of a jagged disjointed rock. But live they are really more of a laid back Beatlesque pop band that write VERY interesting melodies. I ended up liking them more than I thought. The Red Walls? Eh. Great band, but rather cheesy and you get the feeling they write songs by cut and paste method, using 1960s hits.
So the reason I bring Robbers on High Street up is because I talked to the guitarist and drummer after the show and learned they were going to be doing a Daytrotter recording session while on tour. Stayed tuned because I plan to do a whole write up on what Daytrotter is all about. It's a VERY good thing. And it's only in the Midwest.

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