Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man, I've been checking around all the music sites I usually check and there has been nothing for weeks at 90 percent. No one is updating anything. Most haven't been updated for a month. Jesus, people... step it up.

Anyway, just an update that there will be an interview with a great new band out of Cincinnati coming soon. I may also post something on the upcoming Toledo Indie Pop Festival. I was glad to see some bands I didn't expect to be performing. Stylex is one that I'm stoked about. Hopefully the concert gets some attention regionally, because the indie pop scene is pretty dead the more north you go. I've been hearing of some small pop scenes growing in Detroit, some experimental scenes growing in Chicago, Cleveland always has the Bears and Machine Go Boom! (but that's kinda it). The idea of the festival is to show outsiders what is so great about the music of indie pop. Hopefully some folks go to the concerts and walk away new fans.

I also have an update on my "Noise in the Midwest" article I've been writing about experimental/noise rock being made in the region. It's really coming along nicely. It's also started to take more of a shape I didn't expect, much more organized. It's almost done. I've spent the past 4 months writing it, talking to different musicians and labels that help promote genre regionally. I think a lot of people will get some great information from it and a deeper understanding of why people love making noise.

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