Monday, October 29, 2007

American's Next Great Way for Everyone to Take a Crap on One Another in Music Scenes all Across the Country

I'm pretty behind the ball of this one, but let's take a look back anyway.
I meant to write about the Fox TV show "America's Next Greatest Band" back when I heard that Columbus band The Fabulous Johnson Brothers were rumored to be involved somehow. They are a Midwest band and I write about Midwest bands. Perfect tie in!
Then I heard a Dayton band was also involved as well. I think they are called Northmont.
There was some discussion in Cincinnati HERE
There was some discussion in Columbus HERE and another bigger one HERE.

I thought it was pretty funny that "selling out" became such an issue. It's indie rock, people. There's no such thing as selling out at this level. You just go from being a band no one has heard of, to being a band no one has heard of ... from a TV show.
Ultimately, the Midwest was represented by Chicago's Dot Dot Dot and The Muggs from Detroit. I seem to remember liking The Muggs when they played them on Sirius Radio's "Underground Garage." At least, I think it was them.
I think overall that this show gave a good glimpse into why the music industry sucks: Heavy focus on gimmicks, Nashville, bands from LA, swing bands, punk bands dressed like clowns, more Nashville ... all of which represented in the top 12.
At least I think so, I didn't really do very much research to write this.

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