Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Et Tu, Avant Garde?

Many of my longer-time readers know that I started a side project within People with Animal Heads to delve into Noise Rock/Avant Garde music coming out of the Midwest. I find avante garde music facinating, especially since a lot of the best musicians in this mode are from the region - Ohio, more specifically.
I am now announcing that I plan to release the end results of my Noise Rock facination through several parts of one long-ass article.
Do I think the article is the end all be all of a Noise Rock explanation? No.
Do I think it's the best article ever written? Fuck No.
Honestly, out of a possible 10 stars, I give it a 5. Not necessarily because of how I wrote it, but because of the musicians themselves.
I like to imagine avant garde performers as intellectuals. Maybe they are.
Maybe they just hate talking about their art. Or maybe they are just some dullard weirdos banging shit onstage and the minute you ask them to talk about why, they have no answer. Maybe they are like Of Mice and Men, petting animals until they beat them to death?
Because when it came down to it, this article could have been exceptional if I could get half the musicians I wanted to ever write my ass back. It's really quite retarded.
I haven't been studying Midwest underground music out of complete boredom. I see something going on in the Midwest going on right now and I want to talk about it. Maybe talking about underground indie rock forms is a bad thing? Will it become too commercial and water itself down?
Or maybe if avant garde musicians just sit back and keep their mouths shut like they always have, the art form will die back down again like it always has. Maybe it'll never get anywhere. Maybe it will.
I know I am personally getting bored of some aspects of it already. We'll see. I just know it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between some bands.
All that said, I think something special is going on around these parts and I hope to talk about it in full detail. Please join in and keep reading.

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