Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Veins run deep

Maybe I've been doing this too long and I'm jaded.
But does Cincinnati's Bad Veins have buddies in high places or something? I always thought they sounded like a more indie Killers with a better gimmick with that reel-to-reel and the telephone thingy. Don't get me wrong, I like their music. But I notice if there is a national band that comes through Cincy, they are usually the openers, then there's the Cincy entertainment awards, USA Today's Pop Candy was all over them. WOXY loves them and put them on a Gothamist/WOXY line up at CMJ. Then they got two other spots performing on CMJ. That's awesome, because they're a Midwest band (which is the point of this site). But what's the story? They don't even have a CD out.
Anyway, the reason I ask is that I got the recent CMJ: Official CMJ Music Marathon Wrap up email and in it was this poll:
Who was the breakout act of this year's CMJ Music Marathon?
• Black Kids
• Cut Off Your Hands!
• Alberta Cross
• Foals
• 1990's
• Bad Veins

In case you're curious, these were the results when I voted:
• Black Kids - 15 %
• Cut Off Your Hands! - 11%
• Alberta Cross - 39%
• Foals - 9%
• 1990's - 12%
• Bad Veins - 10%

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