Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bar roundup

• Good news for fans of Northside Tavern in Cincinnati.
Word on the street is that owner Ed Rush may be expanding the venue. I wonder if this expansion is going to include an actual stage? That would be a perfect solution for the bar, and pretty much the only thing it truly lacks. I suppose it can also get a little crowded in there at times, depending on the popularity of the band.
But I have already written about how I think this is the best venue in the state. This may take it even higher.
However, it continues to baffle me as to why most venues insist upon charging at the door and charging bands for sound.
While those bars continue to close, Northside thrives.

• In other news, most already know that Little Brothers closed in Columbus. It was a hard hit. I've been told that it's even harder to book shows in Columbus now that it's gone. But its old location on south High Street is set to be filled by Liquid - a bar that sounds like a place for yuppie college kids to walk to from their million dollar apartments in the Gateway District.

• By the way, remember how I said I hoped Toledo's re-opened Frankies wouldn't turn back into a haven for goths and industrial metal? Well, it kind of has already ...

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