Monday, October 22, 2007

WOXY's Local Lixx Podcast #3

As promised, your weekly reposting of WOXY's Local Lixx program. Head on over to the link to download the program.

10/11 - Episode #3
This week on Local Lixx we continued to bring some great local and regional artists to the forefront. The Chocolate Horse, a band that was born as a side project of the band Readymaid, features Jason Snell on lead vocals and also has the unique sound of experimental bow and saw, played by Andrew Higly. Their debut album, Patience Works!, released earlier this year, was an old school vinyl release.
Southeast Engine out of Athens, OH, have their debut full length coming out on Misra Records on Oct 16th. The band hooked up with Misra thanks to a recommendation from The Wrens, who they had opened for and befriended. We also gave you another local Lounge Act performance, which will be a regular feature on Local Lixx. Be sure to check out great music from Cincinnati, Columbus and Athens, Ohio, in this episode. Enjoy!

The Chocolate Horse - - "I'm In Another Place" - Patience Works!
Bird And Flower - - "That's The Ticket" - Demos
Coltrane Motion - - "Twenty Seven" - Songs About Music
Southeast Engine- - "Quit While You're Ahead" - A Wheel Within A Wheel
Knife The Symphony - - "Common Elements" - S/T EP
Pearlene - - "Watch The Way" - Lounge Act

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