Monday, October 15, 2007

Midwestern Roundup!

• Other sites: Blah, blah blah blah, Radiohead. Here's another article about our friend's band.
• I've decided maybe I've been too hard on Eric Clapton over the years. Sure, since he stopped doing drugs he's become an even more lame version of Babyface. Sure he stopped playing cool psychedelic guitars in the late 60s. Sure he gave up trying to sound interesting decades ago. But I really liked him in the mid-90s for some reason. Then I stopped abruptly and have made fun of him ever since. But I saw an interview with him recently regarding his latest autobiography and now I'm just thinking: The dude is old. He's doing what he likes to do. He lives in Columbus sometimes and he's happy. He actually LIKES Columbus. So he must be a better man than I...
The Harlequins, based out of Cincinnati, have some good news and bad news. The group recently lost its drummer, but have quickly rebounded with a new drummer. They also have some new tunes up on their Myspace site. Newest song "Schizo Radio" sees the band exploring a route slightly more atmospheric than it's previous Strokes meet Smiths style. I said it before, and if I haven't, I'll say it again: Keep an eye on these blokes. I'm expecting great things.

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