Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Local Lixx episodes

It's probably silly for me to post the new Local Lixx show episodes on here, since you can just check them out at WOXY. But I like how they have been providing band websites and such. Joe over at the excellent Each Note Secure site has played some great tunes from regional bands. I'm just playing catch up right now. But from now on I'll post each week's episodes.

Local Lixx
Thursdays - 8:30 PM ET
Local Lixx is a 30 minute weekly feature highlighting the best local bands in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Tri-State area.

10/04 - Episode #2
This week we heard music from a lot of artists that were recently nominated for 2007 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. Four of the six bands featured in this episode got the nod for one or more awards and the two that did not are excellent as well. Be sure to listen in as we hear from local duo Bad Veins with a new song from their recent WOXY.com Lounge Act session, as well as new music from new bands like Eat Sugar, The Lions Rampant, and Paper Airplane. Enjoy!

• The Lions Rampant
www.thelionsrampant.com "70/30" from Play Rock N Roll
• Eat Sugar
www.eatsugarmusic.com "Sixteen" from S/T EP
• Bad Veins
www.badveins.net "This Ending (Lounge Act)" from WOXY.com Lounge Act
• Matthew Shelton
www.myspace.com/msheltonmusic "Out At Sea" from Cold Water, Hot Blood
• Paper Airplane
www.myspace.com/therealpaperairplane "Missing" from Middlemarch
• Staggering Statistics
www.staggeringstatistics.com "Turnstile" from I'm Thinking About Changing

09/27 - Episode #1
Local Lixx is back on WOXY.com. I'm happy to be re-starting a Cincinnati tradition here at WOXY.com with my first episode of Local Lixx. I think we got off to a great start with this episode too. We kicked things off with The Great Depression, a band out of Cincinnati that has recently signed to Curb Appeal Records and is out on the road with Rocky Votolato. We also touched on some new young talent here in Cincinnati with music from The Read and All The Day Holiday. And we turned over a new leaf in some ways as well, branching out to both Columbus and Louisville for some great independent music. So enjoy episode 1 of Local Lixx and get ready for lots more to come!

• The Great Depression
myspace.com/timandjeremy "Watching Vermont " from S/T Album
• The Sheds
www.theshedsmusic.com "Too Many Pictures " from The Sheds Quit Smoking
• The Read
www.myspace.com/theread"Heliocentric Daughters " from Demo EP
• The Evil Queens
www.theevilqueens.com "Year Of The Cretin " from Lovesong Werewolves
• All The Day Holiday
www.myspace.com/thealldayholiday "Take A Moment " from We'll Be Walking on Air EP
• Cabin
www.myspace.com/cabin "I Was Here " from I Was Here EP

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