Friday, December 7, 2007

Coming soon...

Ideally this site was never set up to be like other sites out there. I don't review CDs, and although many bands have asked to send them to me, I normally decline - in favor of buying one at a show or at a store.
I didn't really get into this site to one day make money off of American Apparel ads flashing on the side panels. I didn't start this site to get free CDs or to get onto the guest-list at shows either. I will, however, accept donations of expensive jewelry and fur coats.
But I honestly just want to know about underground music, because I love music and I'm determined that what is being represented on the radio and television is only a tiny portion of what is truly out there.
So tune in soon for an interview with a great band out of Kentucky called The Lions Rampant.

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