Monday, December 10, 2007

The Redwalls Part 2

Check out Greg Kot's interview with Chicago's The Redwalls, regarding the band's departure from major-label status back to the indie level at THIS link.

I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical of The Red Walls. There is something about them that doesn't feel genuine to me. They started out as a Beatles cover band, morphed into a band that sounded like the Rolling Stones, then suddenly became a band trying to sound like The Strokes.
I've seen them perform and they are great onstage, albeit in kind of a cheesy cover band, over the top, kind of way. Their songs are well written and catchy too. But I can't help feeling like they change their sound depending upon what the market demands. I guess that is the point of being a "pop" band, but I don't get the feeling they have what I call a "pure vision" about their music. Much like how countless bands in the 1990s went from sounding like Pearl Jam to suddenly becoming like Dave Matthew's Band. There is an integrity that seems to be lacking. Or maybe I'm just being a huge dick.


Anonymous said...

the integrity may SEEM to be lacking...but its not, the market doesnt demand anything theyve ever done, thats why hardly anybody knows about this band...theyre just playing the music the way it should be played and hope people like it... i do feel like the overall tone of the new album is more like the strokes or something but thats just cause the fuzz and distortion, if you look at the song structure its the same as their previous albums...just trust this band, they know more than people give em credit for, they probably know more about music than any band that came out after the 1960s haha

Christopher Animalhead said...

You're probably right. I'll keep my eye on them and go to the next show when they come through. One thing is true: People love this band. They have a lot of fans pulling for them.