Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Midwestern Roundup!

• I think I'm excited about a new Dayton web site called Fiction Band, which I learned about from The Buddha Den. It's manifesto explains that it is a project dedicated to showcasing music/bands that record in their homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. I think the whole idea is interesting, and it goes along well with what this site is trying to do (regarding highlighting underground bands in the Midwest). I plan to keep looking into the site for new music.
Spanish Prisoner signed to Cleveland indie label Exit Stencil.
• Pitchfork reported a couple more Midwestern bands headed for SXSW, namely that The Breeders are in fact getting back together and heading down to Austin. They also had info regarding the new CD the band has completed.
• I guess I have good taste. I talked about liking Bon Iver several months ago. Now it seems as though every blog on the planet is writing about him all of a sudden. He's the new "Killers/Lou Reed song." So I guess I hate him now.

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