Sunday, December 30, 2007

Midwestern Roundup!

• Story in the New York Post by writer David Landsel who counted his trip to Columbus among "five of the most memorable trips I took" in 2007. See the article HERE.
• Check out a new Cincinnati video site called Soft City Lights, currently featuring Bad Veins. I am still coming to terms with the amount of hype the band is getting, but I digress.
The site is run by Kevin Bayer, and after I saw the video he did, I decided I had to write something on here because he did such a great job. This is not some shaky amateur video footage shot on a digital camera. This is well-made, well-thought out and incredibly thorough. Any band featured on Soft City Lights should be grateful.
I really look forward to seeing other band profiles from this site. I'll be sure to post links to it next time I see it's updated.
• Chicago Tribune writer Greg Kot chose his "Chicagoan of the Year in Music" as Thrill Jockey record label found Bettina Richards. Here is the full article.
• Here's some good news I just found out about in Toledo. Not only did Frankies open back up in 2007, but 2008 will see the opening of Main Street too. These are two bars that used to work in conjunction together, back the in 1990s. Patrons would often go from bar to bar all night - sort of like how Oregon Express and The Nite Owl co-exist. Except on a much larger level. This could be good for Toledo, unless they just fill Main Street with a bunch of cheesy cover bands, which is what it sort of turned into before it closed.

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