Thursday, December 27, 2007

Political tidbits

I'm not sure why, but I sure am going into 2008 pissed off. Even my focus on Midwestern music lately is decidedly more terse.
I think it all comes down to not wanting to see history constantly repeat itself, then witnessing it happen over and over again.

So that leads me to make another post about politics. We're finally at the ending cycles of Bush's term and that makes me happy, despite some rather lame presidential choices.

But then I read that in 2008 Bush plans to focus on worldwide relations. He wants to improve the way the USA is perceived.
Now, let's just ignore the hypocrisy of this, and the fact that people liked us a lot before Bush and now most countries think we're a blemish on the earth.
Somehow I doubt Bush is honestly planning on being Mr. Smiley Face. Seeing as how I don't trust our president anymore than I would trust a child in a room full of candy, I have deduced the real reason for his Mr. Personality Tour:
The fucker just wants to have a tax-payer paid trip around the world before the county kicks him to the curb. The asshole will spend the next remaining months of his presidency having foreign dignitaries throw elaborate parties for him, fanciful dinners, served by the lowly. I imagine the next year will be not unlike that scene in Indiana Jones, where all the people sit around the table cracking open monkey skulls in order to eat brains.
Hope you enjoy paying taxes. Because Bush is making damn sure every cent is going to his war and his upcoming trips. The fucker has vetoed a popular bill TWICE, which would have helped poor children receive health care. But we have to pay for him to go to Phuket and eat lobster on the beach.
Meanwhile in Ohio, Strickland and Brunner are trying to get the faulty voting machines replaced before the next election. Test after test have shown that they can easily be hacked into. And Strickland has said many times that he honestly believes there are security issues with the machines.
But all the Ohio Republicans are dragging their feet and whining about it. I wonder why.
Thankfully, Brunner has the power to force them to replace the machines.
Now, let's just see if they do it.
Politicians, democrat or republican, actually getting shit done is not something I see very often.

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