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Pat Radio/Columbus Rock Potluck 2007

This is a good time to bring your attention back to a little Internet radio site called Pat Radio. Run by smooth-voiced Pat Leonard, he has been conducting the single-best podcast for getting to know current underground Ohio bands.
This week's episode features New Dark Ages contributor Bob Miller, who I featured once regarding his now-defunct band Beard of Stars.
The reason I wanted to point out his site again is because an event called the 2007 Rock Potluck will be going on Saturday In Columbus, mirroring an event which originated in Texas. You get a crapload of individual musicians who make up the current city music scene. Mix them all up, divide them into random groups, who them invent a new band.
Their mission: Write one song together in a couple hours, then perform that song at a show later that night. A total of 40 musicians will form 8 new bands for the day.
It will be held Saturday 12/15 at the Milo Arts Building on the east side of Columbus. The night starts at 7 p.m. and everyone is invited to bring food - it's a Potluck, after all! Bands start performing at 9 p.m.

2007 Rock Potluck performers:
Russian Aleks (The Feelers)
Carlos Avendano (Flotation Walls)
Laura B. (Night of Pleasure)
Gary Brownsteen (Guinea Worms)
Brett Burleson (The Tough and Lovely)
Justin Crooks (Earwig)
Jerry Dannemiller (Moviola)
Bo Davis (Necropolis)
Joshua Draher (The Razers)
Jeff Fernengel (Tree of Snakes)
Kate Folmar (The Black Canary)
Phil Francis (The Proper Nouns)
Sean Gardner (Melty Melty)
Antonio Garza (Paper Airplane)
Billy Heingartner (The Bygones)
Brett Helling (The Cabdrivers)
Ron House (Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts.)
Leslie Jankowski (Church of the Red Museum)
Betty Jelly (The Jellyhearts)
Danielle Kelly (Rosehips)
Jimmy Lavery (The Lindsay)
Chris Lutzko (The Unholy 2)
Mark Miller (Mercury Road)
Matt Minor (Teeth of the Hydra)
Tim O'Dell (Mors Ontologica)
John Olexovitch (The Lindsay)
Phillip Park (You're So Bossy)
Lou Poster (Grafton)
Justin Riley (Super Desserts)
Donnie Roberts (Yuck Falls)
Donovan Roth (Bob City)
Tom Schmidt (The Lindsay)
Eve Searls (Bird & Flower)
Bobby Silver (Brainbow)
Zachery Allan Starkey (Zachery Allan Starkey)
Shane Sweeney (Two Cow Garage)
Zac Szymusiak (The Dolby Fuckers)
Matt Wagner (Earwig)
Dustin White (The Moon and Badtimes)

Here are some other past podcasts on Pat Radio:
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Program #96, Sarah Asher
Sarah Asher recently stopped by and played five songs and chatted for a spell. The results can be heard in this podcast installment. Her latest Tract Records ( release is called So This is Love. We also hear from fellow Tract artists Two Times The Trauma and Everything is Fine. The program begins with a set of classic Columbus pop from Old 3C records ( A full playlist and a link to download the show is right here, kid.
Program #95, Justin and Sarah of Terribly Empty Pockets
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Program #94, Megan Palmer
Megan Palmer brought her guitar over and played five new songs from her soon-to-be released second cd Take You Away. We also hear from folks who will be playing with Megan at her cd release shows, including Church of the Red Museum, Joe Kile, Miss Molly, and Luther Wright. Read more and find links to download here.
Program #93, Paper Airplane, All Hail Records
A big tip of the chimp headphones to Jon Fintel of Relay Recording ( for recording and mixing Paper Airplane for this edition of pat radio. It sounds great. Paper Airplane is having a cd release party this weekend, and they play a few songs live and talk about the long trek toward the release of Middlemarch, their first full-length cd. We also hear from other All Hail Records bands Take No Damage, Speak Easy, The Electric Grandmother, Masters of Luxury, and Country Death. Stream the show here (Scroll down to program 93). A complete playlist is here, plus further directions on downloading the show and subscribing to the podcast.
Program #92, Chris deVille and John Ross from the Columbus Alive
Music critics and veteran podcasters Chris deVille and John Ross of the Columbus Alive show me how it's done this week. They play some of their favorite local music, including The Kyle Sowashes, Walter Rocktight, The Whiles, Greenlawn Abbey, and Maggie Green. A complete playlist is here, along with a link to download the show without all this podcast feed poo.
Program #91, Bird and Flower, Jerry DeCicca in-studio
This program features three songs a piece from Eve Searls, a.k.a. Bird and Flower and Jerry DeCicca of The Black Swans, recorded live in the not-so-state-of-the-art pat radio studio.
Remember Thomas from program #88? I play a song from his project, THEATH, plus a number of other Tract Records releases. There's a healthy dose of Columbus indie pop also, from The Cabdrivers, The Proper Nouns, Phantods, and The PolyAtomic. A complete playlist and details on how to download the show are here. You can stream the show here.
Program #90, Merit Badge Records
Ash and Matt of Merit Badge Records join me for this show. They are also in the band The Hot Damn. They discuss work on an upcoming The Hot Damn album and the beginnings of their record label, and they play some great local music from the likes of This is My Suitcase, The Cabdrivers, Gretchen King, Melty Melty, I've Got A Ghost, and Darynyck.
We also hear again from Grafton, Cheater Slicks, Rosehips and Sarah Asher. A complete playlist and details on how to download the show are here. You can stream the show here.

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