Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lennon and the Airplane

This Saturday, Dec.8 was the day John Lennon was killed in 1980 by a man who is hopefully being ass-raped in prison every day. Columbus/Cincy band Paper Airplane will bring its annual "John Lennon Show" out on the road again for 2007 to celebrate Lennon's musical legacy.
The show already hit Cincinnati on Dec. 1 at The Northside Tavern with Cincinnati's The Seedy Seeds. I heard it got a great response and a good crowd.
According to a release from the band, this Saturday Paper Airplane will be at the annual Circle Five Ranch John Lennon Festival in Athens. It will be held at The Union.
Other bands on the bill that I have heard about are The John Lennon Orchestra, The Dropdead Sons and many more primarily from the Athens music scene. Check out Paper Airplane on Myspace, where they have their version of "Dear Prudence" for your listening pleasure.
Apparently the show has been bringing out an interesting crowd mix. Many older (read: gray-haired) old school music fans, clapping alongside younger music fans (read: square glasses and tats).

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