Friday, January 25, 2008


Cincinnati's Foxy Shazam got some recent CMJ press for it's recent Knitting Factory show:

Channeling Queen, Andrew WK, and a host of others, Foxy Shazam broke onto the Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar last night. While still on the downlow, there was a certain sense of excitement in the room last night that hints Foxy Shazam might be huge soon. Every song seemed to burst from the short stage with the band’s wild presence. The 25-minute set culminated with the lead singer hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Yeah, it was that kind of show.

The band's CD is out and they're on tour across the US.
Are they really that good? Some folks in Cincy think so, and some others don't think so.
I personally think the music is really interesting and wild sounding. Plenty of dramatic, over the top, piano and high vocals. But the songs all kinda seem the same - which speaks to my ambivalence toward bands that come up with a "sound" and then write 11 other songs to mimic that.

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