Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Proper Nouns join All Hail Records

I've liked to watch the progress of upstart Columbus label All Hail Records. They moved fast, signed some great bands no one else snatched up yet and are still moving forward.
Today the label announced they just signed Columbus group The Proper Nouns - a band which I have enjoyed for a while now. They play a very unique form of 60's flavored indie pop, but are set apart by singer Matt Ogborn's mysterious vocal style. Click on their link and give a listen to songs featured on the upcoming All Hail release "A Million Hurtful Things".
Columbus Discount Records has given Ohio some much needed attention in the past, mostly based on the new lo-fi movement.
Oddly enough, The Proper Nouns used to be on Columbus Discount. They released the excellent "Birds and Butterflies" CD a year or so ago. I think. But when CDR is so focused on lo-fi noise rock, then I can imagine that when you make a wonderful indie pop album it could get lost in the shuffle.
Here's the rest of the information from the mouths of All Hail Records:
We have just signed Columbus' The Proper Nouns. You can check them out at www.myspace.com/thepropernouns
Some of their new tunes are posted already. Their new CD progresses away from the punk sound of their first two CDs. "A Million Hurtful Things" is much more of a pure pop album than the others.
A big CD release party is already being planned for March/April. Look for The Proper Nouns playing through Ohio and the surrounding states with label-mates Paper Airplane and Take no Damage.
Their CD "A Million Hurtful Things" (which is a lyric from Tender Artillery) will be released in late March or early April.
Here's the tracklist:
The Hateful Throng
Tender Artillery*
The Lesser Stars*
Conditions Are Worse
Turnabout Gone
Doom & Gloom
The Attending Village Officers
The Floor*
Early Man*
The Parasites Have Won
That Sentence Should Say, She Should Put It Away

(* Songs featured on their Myspace site)


Anonymous said...

Big Kudos to the Proper Nouns and All Hail Recs.

As for you Blogger...

You are a blogger and a nerd. You are also a babydick.

Suck it.

Christopher Animalhead said...

You're right, today I decided I was a little mean to CDR and updated the story a little.

Anonymous said...

Ha-- "babydick"

Excellent! I've heard PN on myspace and really like their music.