Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ken Blackwell's Legacy
and how the Republicans keep dragging their feet on democracy

I mentioned the whole Diebold electronic voting machine VS. going back to paper ballots discussions going on right now in Ohio. But the New York Times recently gave some coverage to the topic, as a national issue.
For those worried we might go through another election with untrustworthy voting methods, please take the time to get informed on the issue. I have included more info on the Everest Report, which declared last month that the machines could be hacked.
Sure, Republicans would say that it would take a mass, highly organized, plan on some Mission Impossible scale, to hack into the vote system. I can already tell you that is what they are saying, and Brunner is obviously nuts or something and trying to make money for some stock she obviously must have in optical scanners. Fuck that.
But the Everest Report also showed that people can eff up the system with something simple as a magnet or personal digital assistant device. Not only that, but the report was only the last stop of reports. Meaning that whether you believe it or not, there have been similar reports conducted across the United States, from Pennsylvania to California, which have determined the same goddam thing: The Diebold voting machines are shady and were shady back in 2004.
Has everyone forgotten about Kenneth Blackwell? That fucker is the only reason why Brunner is doing this. It was her TOP CAMPAIGN PROMISE and YOU ELECTED HER TO RESTORE TRUST.
There is a pretty good reason why Rolling Stone would run an article titled Was the 2004 election stolen?.
These are our NATIONAL elections we're talking about. The next president of the United States. Trusting this system is of utmost importance to the entire concept of democracy. Read more HERE.
Then click on this link below to sign a petition asking local, state, and federal officials to require paper ballots for our votes:



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