Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bon Iver and the dilemma

I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I am. I'm going to talk about Bon Iver.
First of all because the person behind it lives in N/W Wisconsin. When it comes to the Midwest, some people have different definitions. They think anything between New York and LA consists of the Midwest.
People in Minnesota have accents. People in Wisconsin have accents. God love them, but they aren't Midwestern.
The second reason I can't believe I'm talking about Bon Iver is because I was reminded to write about him from checking out Brooklyn Vegan. If there is one thing I think is wrong with todays music industry (aside from the music industry) it's the fact that all the big blog sites always champion the same five bands.
First it was TV on the Radio and Arcade Fire. These days it's turned into Aesop Rock, Jay Reatard, Fiest, Dan Deacon, etc.
There's a stamping of the same faces, parading across every blog in the land. Not that these bands suck. It's just that you'd think there were no other bands in the entire world.
I guess I just find it hard to believe that these bands are the ONLY bands that need attention. At least to the point where every blogger in the entire universe has to write about them ad nauseum. I'm interested in bands that don't have it easy. I want to get to know bands that don't have the luxury of having Ipod commercials, or have buddies in the industry that get them onto Sub Pop.
I also thought Arcade Fire not only has some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard, but their songs are boring as fuck. See my predicament?
I just hate to see blogs, with total freedom in what they write about, just get lazy and join the hype parade.
THAT SAID, I heard Bon Iver on Sirius radio the other day and was pleasantly surprised. Check him out. I guess I just dig songs like "Skinny Love" because he sings folk music with a lot of white man soul and can actually hit a high note and scream a bit. Oddly enough, that's what's missing from a ton of music - especially folk. I also liked "For Emma," the single. Although it disappears into the horns - which I kinda think is an easy trick bands are doing too often these days. But it's still a cool song.

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