Thursday, November 29, 2007

Awesome Color

You know how they say that no one who lives in LA was born in LA? I think it's true for New York as well.
Here's a little ditty about a band from Michigan that seems to be doing well out east, according to CMJ.

New Awesome Color Coming Soon
Story by: Noah Klein
Brooklyn-by-way-of-Michigan psychedelics the Awesome Color have announced that their second record, Awesome Live, will be released in March via Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label. "We've been doing a lot of touring over the last couple of years, so that's kind of a representation of our record," says drummer Awesome Allison. "It's more varied. It's like the US and the landscapes that we've crossed."
After already touring with the likes of Sonic Youth, the band will be back on the road with past stage sharers Dinosaur Jr. through next month, including a Zig-Zag Live show in Athens on December 3. To hold fans over until the March release, the band is bringing a CD of live tracks that have been recorded over the last couple of years with them. In case you can't make it to a show, the album is also currently available on the Ecstatic Peace website.

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Your Majesty said...

ha, sweet. i'm the noah klein that wrote this...and i'm from LA living in NY!