Thursday, November 8, 2007

Local Lixx episodes...

I kind of got off the rail when it came to posting the Local Lixx installments, courtesy of WOXY and Joe Long (also of Each Note Secure)

11/01 - Episode #5
This week on Local Lixx we continue our regional approach as our coverage takes us from Cincinnati to Columbus and even to Indianapolis. We also bring you a great song from Eclipse, a band that hits many genres, including hip hop, jazz and even jam band music on their self titled debut album. Enjoy another episode of Local Lixx!

Eclipse - - "Mambo Hop" - S/T
Buffalo Killers - - "SS Nowhere" - Lounge Act
Earwig - - "She Is A Witness" - Center Of The Earth
Mars Or The Moon - - "Ray" - The Price Of Love

10/25 - Episode #4
After a week off, Local Lixx returns this week with our fourth episode. Among the bands featured this week is Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominee Pomegranates, who caught the attention of Washington DC's Lugo Records with their Two Eyes EP and plan on releasing their full length album in early 2008. Also of note is new music by Northern Kentucky's Seabird. They signed a deal of their own recently with EMI records and will also have a full length in early 2008 on Credential Recordings.

Seabird - - "Let Me Go On" - Till We See The Shore
Cari Clara - - "Wide Awake" - You Better Run EP
Ryan Smith - - "Fifteen Minutes" - Neil Avenue
Pomegranates - - "Nursery Magic" - Two Eyes EP
Caterpillar Tracks - - "Slippery Slope" - Scrape The Summer EP

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