Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I swear I gave them all a chance...

I saw these music sites have been singled out as "Best Music Blogs" in the 2007 Weblog Awards. I'm not really sure what consitutes a "best" site anymore. But thankfully the best ones on the list are from the Midwest. I've highlighted those in all caps.

Kevipod Music
This one is based out of Spain and seems to be a site for men whose balls have been recently ripped off in bizzarre tractor accidents. Seems to be all about girl pop singers.
Pretty Much Amazing
Other than the Daft Punk MP3s this site just focuses on the same goddam 10 bands every other site does. No wonder huge record company conglomerates will never go out of business. There's too many pointless sites like this doing their marketing for them.
Ditto, but this one focuses more on R&B then indie rock.
I like this site AND it's based partly in Kentucky. But not many updates lately because of a tech problem.
I see Fiery Furnances. I see Pit er Pat. These are actual indie rock bands. I see show reviews. MP3s. Unfortunately, it's based in New York. That was strike one. Essentially it's the same music site I've seen a million times. A ton of pictures from the recent MIA tour? Check. Maybe if she were showing her boobies, I could see the point of this. But every site has 'em.
Yup, there's the standard posts on Jay Z. There's the standard posts hyping of his buddy's blog. There's more stuff on Grizzly Bear that every other site is doing. I guess Grizzly Bear is the new "hype" band of the moment. I'm fine with that, I like the tune "On a Neck, On a Spit" and I suppose I'd never heard it unless these sites existed. But wow, I'm going through page after page and it's the same shit I see on every other blog. Can't these bloggers just pick a leader and let that dude write this shit? Then maybe go on and do something different? I don't know, maybe a site about Flemenco Music in Iowa? Anything?
I swear it's not just because it's Midwestern, I've liked this site for a while because the guy has great taste in music. It also has the only "blogradio" show on Sirius Radio that doesn't make me want to punch myself in the nose. He has a great radio voice. Doesn't talk like a 12-year-old girl/boy and has his shit together.
Aquarium Drunkard
Not many updates on this one, but I like it for the constant posts filled with Neil Young songs and other random greatness. Holy crap, I just noticed he posted some stuff on Lou Reed's "Street Hassle." This site just won me over again.
Chris Picks
MMMMkay, there is the 90th post I've seen on The Killers/Lou Reed song. Some crap about MIA. Some crap about Kanye West. Oh Jeesus, I think this is another R&B site. But there are also posts about REALLY crappy emo bands too. I can't believe this site is based in Canada. They always have good taste in music...
I think this one is based in Chicago? But why would they nominate a site that has been defunct for a while now?

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