Monday, November 5, 2007

Midwest Rock in Print

I'm glad people are starting to go back to the old days of indie rock newsletters. Hopefully it's a trend that grows. I say the more information that gets out the better. That way, bands and music lovers have more control and can even out the nepotism.
Seriously, it amazes me that not many people realize that 80 percent of what we read in blogs, local newspapers, websites, etc. is just someone writing about their friends bands.
The way it works is:

1) National bands currently being hyped
2) Local bands the writer is friends with come next
3) Local bands that the writers' friends really like
4) All the other local band schlubs left with their dicks twisting in the wind.

Anyway, I've come upon two new publications (actually made with ink) focused on regional indie rock in Ohio:
• Dayton's Smartypants offers a nice mixture of music reviews/discussion alongside mixed media art. The first run was 250 papers.
• In Columbus the people associated with The New Dark Ages" have announced the new publication "Wow i love it," featuring interviews with Swordheaven and other bands, creative art, writing and more.

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