Monday, November 26, 2007

Tell us who is famous?

Looks like I'm finally all done with the avant-garde articles for now. Hope people enjoyed them or learned something new from them. I had a lot of fun writing about the music, especially considering how little I knew to begin with. That is the entire point of this web site.
It took months to fully grasp how many bands there are right now and the cultures within the cultures that make up the bands playing in the Midwest. I just think it is notable that this art form has been causing a stir nationwide and some of these people involved need to be acknowledged. It really is interesting to see such growth in the art form these days and to see the people and bands involved who really care about seeing it go further.
I think overall, musicians these days are bored of traditional rock and are desperately trying to figure out new ways to keep it fresh. It makes me curious about what rock music will sound like 20 years from now. What do you think?
I guess the biggest thing to change in indie rock has been all these bands with 15 members. But even that has become pretty tiresome.
Generally, I think not much has changed in music over the past 20 years. My take is that 20 years from now things will pretty much be the same. But all we need is some genius to come along and throw a chain into the works. Musicians need a new way of thinking.
One interesting aspect of the current computer age of music is that there are fewer and fewer rock icons being produced. Is it because a lot of the music is pretty boring, or because the Industry lacks the stranglehold it used to have toward controlling the information being put out?
Or is it because terrestrial radio has fallen so far behind? It's not keeping up anymore. Stations like WOXY and satellite stations know what's what. But every time I browse regular radio I'm appalled at how many stations aren't even trying.
It used to be we learned about famous musicians from the big radio stations, MTV, or Rolling Stone. Now we read and listen about hundreds of bands a day on hundreds of different blogs. The information is immediate.
Yet, nobody really stands out as all that special.
Maybe it's because no one is telling us they are special, or maybe they just aren't special. Or maybe there are too many people right now telling us who they think is special, until it's just a bunch of white noise?

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