Thursday, November 8, 2007

Poopy Time

A few bands chipped in some songs for a children's motivational happiness CD. More specifically, O.A.R. and Over The Rhine represent the Midwest.
Story courtesy of My Old Kentucky Blog:

Poop Goes in the Potty

So once you have a kid, and you're huge into music, you wonder if you're gonna force your obsession on your child. The answer is yes, you are. OK, well, I am. But, if you're like me and not sure how to do it, I've think got the solution. See my daughter already loves music, which makes me happy, but after a few hours of PBS Sprout or Noggin songs, you'd take kicks to the groin with more enthusiasm. Well, unless you're watching Wonder Pets - I could truly watch that show all day. Anyway, I digress...
This For The Kids series offers the perfect solution to the hipster parent who wants their kid to know more about indie music than any other 4-year old at preschool. Lucy, MJ and I have been rocking the third installment of this series on recent car trips, and I can't really speak for Lucy, but I can't get enough. It's full of classic and contemporary children's songs delivered by loads of your favorite indie artists. Mates Of State, Of Montreal, Rogue Wave, Blitzen Trapper and many more. Over The Rhine's The Poopsmith Song could be a true work of genius.
Remember, It's never too early to start your child on the path of musical snobbery and supremecy. Buy It!

Over The Rhine - The Poopsmith Song (highest rec!)
Barenaked Ladies - The Other Day I Met A Bear


1. I Want To Have Fun - Of Montreal
2. See You On the Moon - Great Lake Swimmers
3. The Poopsmith Song - Over The Rhine
4. My Little Bird - Rogue Wave
5. Itsy Bitsy Spider - O.A.R.
6. The Other Day I Met a Bear - Barenake Ladies
7. The Babysitter's Here - Dar Williams
8. I'm a Believer - The Sippy Cups
9. If You're Happy And You Know It - Anathallo
10. Does Your Cat Have a Mustache? - The Format
11. Sleep So Very Long - Moby
12. My Darling Clementine - The Submarines
13. Wheels On the Bus - Kyle Andrews
14. New Shoes - Blitzen Trapper
15. Sunny - Piano
16. Jellyman Kelly - Mates Of State
17. No Hiding - Hem
18. The Lint Song - MC Lars
19. Pure Imagination - Jolie Holland
20. Small As Me - Rosie Thomas

Also be sure to check into Volume One and Volume Two

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