Thursday, November 15, 2007

Changes gonna come...

You know, I was looking over the past couple months of stuff I've put on People with Animal Heads and I realized that my focus has gone askew. Out of laziness I've been doing more commentary stuff and pointing you folks to interesting (I think) Midwest articles I find on other sites. But that was not what this site was supposed to be.
It's a project. It's more of an experiment. I want to find new music. From underground bands. Mostly because I feel like I can't rely on music critics. I just feel like people are inclined to be lazy. Next thing you know, you're doing interviews with your friend's band every week. Or you talk about a topic that you already know about, instead of trying to learn something new.
I'm rather ashamed that I seem to be falling into that rut as well.
So anyway, I may still post some interesting Midwest stuff I find on other sites. But I'm going to buckle down and do more interviews and continue exploring the Midwest state-by-state.
I really want to get to know the Chicago music scene. It remains relatively unknown to me. Mainly because it's impossible to get anyone in the fucking town to email me back.
I feel like I have a good grasp on Indiana now. I realize that not much information is available about the current Detroit and Michigan scenes, but only because it seems there is not much going on up there these days.
I'm kinda of sick of talking about Ohio, just because a lot is going on and it's easy to get info.
I also want to go south and explore Kentucky.
By the way, what the hell is going on in Iowa??? Do people actually live there? Does anyone own a guitar there?
I'm interested in Pennsylvania too. But I'm afraid that's too far out of my "Midwest" spectrum.
Good music coming out of there, though.


Eric said...

Thanks for the sidebar link. What do you want to know about Chicago and Illinois? So much going on here musically.

Christopher Animalhead said...

I think it's the fact that there is too much going on. There seems to be so many diverse scenes going on that I don't know where to start. I've tried emailing some bands and have gotten some great leads. But ultimately, they only point out a few bands in their own specific scene. I'm trying to get a general feel of what types of music is going on in Chicago, that is uniquely Chicago. I always assumed power pop was big there and it is, but I have also been finding out about a whole sub-culture of avant garde music as well. But when I try to get info from these bands, I never get a response... so I'm still trying to figure out Chicago...

eric boogiepop said...

There's one band from Iowa that I really like. They're called Poison Control Center.

Christopher Animalhead said...

I'll check them out! I've heard about them before.

4casey4 said...

We love you. Do It.