Thursday, September 13, 2007

Times New Viking - release date for "Rip it Off"

I just saw on the awesome site I Rock Cleveland that Columbus' Times New Viking finally has a release date set through Matador for their first major label debut "Rip it Off."
From Times New Viking's Myspace blog:
we have emerged from our west coast tour mostly unscathed and victorious. if only our van were more dependable, it would have been problem-free. nonetheless, we rocked bars, clubs, art spaces and living rooms. listened to rare pauly shore bootlegs with the amazing LITTLE CLAW, who only get better with age. learned drunken spanish with the best band in mexico and probably the world, LOS LLAMARADA('indio' is the best beer ever, by the way. look for it there if you ever visit).
thanks to ranger X, who guided us through the surreal land of mexico. without his thc-induced superpowers, we would probably be hidden in the back of a van trying to get back into the states.
also thanks to all who booked, cooked, bought shots and let us sleep on floors. oh, and also the UAMOM(united auto mechanics of montana)
the new one, 'rip it off' is done and mastered. 1/22/08 is the as-of-now set release date.
almost done with a single for the record which will be unleashed upon the world sometime in november - also on the matador imprint (we will probably make our own covers one last time(?) for its limited run).
also on a limited run, we will be playing a few shows out east in november. not yet confirmed, but we'll keep the internet region updated.

puedamos usar lo encendedor?

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