Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Midwestern Round up!

• A great new Cincinnati band called The Harlequins has posted a few new tunes up on their Myspace site. More great stuff from the trio.
• I plan to do some updates to my articles on different cities. Things have changed in a few towns since I wrote those up.
• Be sure to keep checking in with Indiana's Everything, Now! for new songs being posted every day from their upcoming releases.
• Word from Columbus experimental, TV sitcom obsessed, band Electric Grandmother is that they have a verbal deal to sign with new Columbus label All Hail Records.
• Word from web peeps is that there is a great discussion going on the boards about booking agents and managers. I'm about to go read that: HERE. OK, I checked out the discussion and it's all great stuff. I guess the problem with it is that it's mostly focused on getting local gigs. Anyone can get local gigs on their own. I'd like to see a deeper discussion on booking agents, because honestly, after years of booking shows most bands would agree that it's a PAIN IN THE EFFING ASS to do it on your own. If your band has been together for years, sometimes booking another month ahead is a total chore. People don't call back. People don't email back. Sometimes a bar you've played at for years has new management and now they want a "promo kit." It's tiresome to get gigs lined up around the region. I'm starting to think booking agents are essential for any serious band.
• Chicago's Secretly Canadian roster man David Vandervelde is set to go on his European tour with the Moonstation House Band. At first I posted all the dates for you, then I realized you might as well just click the link I provided and see it yourself.
• Detroit's The Satin Peaches have a new web-site up: HERE
• Athens, Ohio's Southeast Engine has a tune on the forthcoming Audio Eagle OHIO compilation CD. Audio Eagle is an imprint of Fat Possum Records and is headed by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. Also featured on the comp. will be Circus Devils (Robert Pollard side-project), Doug Gillard (ex - Guided By Voices), Cleveland's Machine Go Boom and more. This will be a national release and will hit stores in late 2007.

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