Friday, September 14, 2007

Proof that I exist

There is finally proof that someone other than myself reads People with Animal Heads. Including my wife and myself, I think that makes three readers!
As I try to document underground bands throughout the entire Midwest, I've banked off on a couple side projects.
One is studying regional avant garde, or noise rock. I'm a traditional indie pop fan by heart, so I wanted to truly understand the unknown.
Another project is doing articles trying to define the musical "sounds" coming out of different cities.
The third side-project is doing articles on things that disappoint me about regional music scenes.
Cincinnati, Ohio's Mike Breen (whose link is found to the right) did a commentary on one of my commentaries, which I thought was pretty cool.
Here's a link to the one I wrote back in mid-August: HERE.
And here's a link to Breen's article: HERE
When it comes to talking about unsigned and local bands in the Midwest, I'm glad that sites like "Spill it" exist.
Maybe one day all the big music industry magazines will start using their blogs to talk about bands that didn't make it into print because of space. For now, they just sort of use them to talk MORE about the same five national bands...

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