Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kim Taylor's Unit

I heard from Cincinnati's Kim Taylor that she has a tune off her first album on CBS' The Unit tomorrow (9/26). Did you see that pun I made in the headline. I am hilarious!
Straight from Taylor herself:
Tomorrow night you must settle on your couch and be absolutely and totally entranced with the season premiere of the Unit (9pm eastern standard time, CBS, check your local listings). The song "Myself" from my FIRST record "So Black, So Bright" will be in there some where … making it's way through the crowd … I'm hoping it gets to play right over a Thrilling, Knock-em-Down, Good Guy kicking some Bad Guy butt scene but I highly doubt it. Maybe someone gets drunk to the tune? Or a good make-out scene perhaps? Oh … well you'll just have to watch it and see.
And FINALLY we have all of the records available for digital purchase directly from my site thanks to Nimbit. Visit the site here: www.kim-taylor.net.

I'm working on the next record and have been playing some of the newer songs out at concerts so be sure to come if I happen upon your neck of the woods.

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