Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Captains of Industry

I heard recently that the long-awaited collaboration (at least for me) between Columbus, Ohio's rock prodigy Happy Chichester (Howlin' Maggie, Royal Crescent Mob) and Dayton's Captain of Industry is underway.
Back story: There was some talk of Happy using the band as his backing group for his next solo tour. Things were put on hold when Happy hooked up with RJD2 and went off on a tour with that bad ass mofo.
Happy told me in an interview that I did, that there just wasn't time yet for them to get together.
Now Happy's back and he's set to perform with his new Dayton friends in Columbus. I have no idea if the collaboration will last for an entire tour, but Happy could not have found a more powerful group of musicians than the ones in Industry.
Their drummer is phenomenal, their guitarist is a genius and on their own their song structures are unique and killer.
Apparently, Derek DiCenzo and drummer Sam Brown (of The Sun) will be helping Happy out at his next show Saturday night, Sept. 21, at Rumba Cafe. It's located sort of near Cafe Bourbon Street. Then on Sept. 28 Happy will be joined by the Captain of Industry folks. Mark your calendars!
In fact, I'm just reading right now that he will be doing a happy hour set every Friday in September. That's gonna be pretty rad. I'll have to head over and catch a show.

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