Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Columbus' annual SLUM B Q

This Saturday, Sept. 8, marks the fourth annual Slum B Q festival of music in Columbus, OH. It will be held inside and outside of Carabar.
You can always count on a diverse groups of bands performing representing more of what I call the "east side" Columbus community of musicians, and at least one cool national indie band. I think Swearing at Motorists played one year. White Rabbits is set for this year.

3 PM: The Cabdrivers
4 PM: Heavy Mole
5 PM: Earwig
6 PM: You’re So Bossy
7 PM: Moviola
8 PM: The Cusacks
9 PM: The Lindsay
10 PM: Bob City
8:30 PM: Via Audio
9:30 PM: The Kyle Sowashes
10:30 PM: Machine Go Boom
11:30 PM: The Unholy Two
12:30 AM: White Rabbits
4:40 PM: Spanish Prisoners
5:40 PM: Bird and Flower
6:40 PM: Wil Cope
7:40 PM: Jordan O’ Jordan
8:40 PM: Chris McCoy
9:40 PM: Tree of Fern

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